Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There Isn't Any Time to Lose, Just Time to Gain.

Margaret Atwood wrote in her novel "Cat's Eye' that time is not a line leading directly from past to present to future, but that time is  more like a series of liquid transparencies transposed upon one another. She goes onto to say how we do not look back at time but rather look down through it. Sometimes certain events and experiences come to the foreground and sometimes a whole different set of unexpected events and experiences are remembered. In essence , nothing that happens in our existence on this planet is totally forgotten, the remnants of everything little particle of memory is still expressed in some way and in some form in our lives.
You might wonder what is the point of me telling you this. Well firstly, I find it necessary to sort of prepare you for the type of blog this is to become. What I seek to achieve in writing and maintaining this blog is for my thoughts and experiences to reach an audience that enjoys my random musings about any random thing in this wide expanse of existence. But I hope that my writing is not only enjoyable but also stimulating and thought-provoking. I hope that what you read on my blog will challenge you in some sort of way maybe to think differently or simply to give you a platform upon which to build your own opinion off of. The most important thing in this world I believe is to have an opinion. Just have an opinion about something in this world. It can be an opinion on why the sky should be green rather than blue as long as you are engaged in some aspect of life on Earth.
Yes  I want you all to read and be moved by my blog but ironically this blog is more for me than it is for you. Sure it makes me feel good to have people read, comment, agree and disagree with what I am saying but as a whole I feel that starting this blog is the first baby step to looking back through those liquid transparencies of time and seeing what comes to the foreground. This blog is - as literature critics would say- cathartic for myself and your input and observations on this blog will not only help reflect yourself back to you but will also inform me about myself and the journey of consciousness which I have embarked upon. It is a mutual learning of selves and to place the self on the internet ( the most daunting, manipulative and transformative invention of the Information Age) is to add your voice to the choir of global consciousness, no matter how small that voice might be.
So this is what my blog will be about. It will involve every experience and insight that I have to offer on this journey of mine. It will involve quirky comments, funny scenarios and philosophizing about this funny thing called life. Most of all it will deal with what it means to be truly human. Though this may seem like gargantuan and serious themes to cover , it will be a fun journey to take if you decide to take it with me.
I guess all In all we shouldn't take Life that Seriously anyway , none of us get out alive ;) but each of us can add something distinctly ours , this right here is my humble contribution to the time transparency of human life on earth.  

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